عامل مضاد للكهرباء الساكنة لطلاء KC3090
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عامل مضاد للكهرباء الساكنة لطلاء KC3090

  • 25 كجم / كيس 
  • 10 أكياس 
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Product Description

The antistatic agent KC3090 is a non-ionic surfactant that can significantly reduce the surface resistance of the coating so that the coating resistance is reduced from 1014-16Ω to 108-9Ω, the antistatic is efficient and durable, and the spray can prevent the establishment of the DC potential and can obtain a uniform thickness of the coating. Suitable for compatibility with resins, it is suitable for eliminating surface static electricity in various types of powder coatings.                    

1) Appearance

White or light-yellow flake or powder.

2) Recommended Use

For internal extrusion, and the dosage is 0.3%-1%.

3) Storage

Store in a cool place, keep it airtight in a container, and store it in a dry and ventilated place. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Avoid dust and aerosol formation. Provide suitable exhaust equipment in places with dust. General fire prevention measures.

Avoid directly touch with skin and eyes; Wear protective clothing and goggles;
Wash with water after the operation.


Material Safety Data Sheet : KC3090-Chinese.pdf kc3090-English.pdf
Technical Data Sheet : KC3090-Chinese.pdf KC3090-English.pdf


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